Welcome to our Online English Proficiency Test!

To assess your level of English, NCA offers you an English test online. The test will let you assess your current level of English.

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1. Are you German?
Yes, ....
2. Are you and your friends German?
3. Mary: "How do you do?"
John: "I am fine." ....
4. ...
He's my father
5. What's your name?
... John.
6. Hello Silvia, how are you?
7. Are you from England?
8. There's John and ... wife.
9. They are going to GB with ... son.
10. Where is Susan going?
... going to London.
11. What are you doing?
12. Look! There are the Smiths.
Yes, ... for a house in this neighborhood.
13. Do you speak English?
Yes, ....
14. Are you looking for a room?
15. Where are you going?
I'm going ... Piccadilly Circus
16. Where's Susan?
She's ... holiday.
17. Look! There's Liza.
She's ... the street.
18. Can I help you?
Yes, ... a cup of coffee, please.
19. The postman always ... at 7 o'clock.
20. "Cigarette?"
"No thanks, ..."