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To assess your level of English, NCA offers you an English test online. The test will let you assess your current level of English.

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1. Is that the man ... wife is ill?
2. She's the secretary ... I told you about.
3. When the doctor arrived the patient ... already died.
4. I would buy a new car if I ... enough money.
5. I would be happy if I ... rich.
6. If I ... her address I ... her a letter.
7. I wish my husband ... me with the housework.
8. They always repair their car ....
9. I must wash ... hands.
10. I know Julie. She knows me.
We know ....
11. If you look in a mirror you see ....
12. "I'm going to Bristol."
She said she ... to Bristol.
13. "I'll help."
He said ... help.
14. She ... everyone she was rich.
15. If I had known that you were here.
I ... you.
16. If Mary ... earlier, she ... the bus.
17. I broke my leg when I ... football.
18. What were you doing when you found the money?
I ....
19. I ... in this house for five years.
20. How long ... for me?